Sunday, July 4, 2010

Communication Tips for Relationships

If any man and woman have been in a relationship for an extended period of time, it is plainly obvious that how a man communicates and how a woman communicates is very different, almost to the point that they are at polar opposites. While it is clear that women communicate in a more polite when talking, that does not mean to say that men are people who are always angry or that they always want to be right. There are many reasons behind why communication between men and women are different. For starters, a man and a woman may not have any communication differences at all, at that it is more likely for that couple to be very similar (not always do opposites attract). But when the couple are different, then one must look at the person's history. A person's upbringing plays a large part in the reason why that person is who he or she is today. Another reason that goes along with this theory is a person's genetic background. Sometimes a person's communication skills are friends, social groups, society, peers, etc. These are just a few reasons as to why men and women may be different in the communication aspect in a relationship. Through the discussion boards for my class, I have seen many posts about why men seem to be so different and why they have to act tough and why they don't seem to have any feelings at all. This could be many reasons, and many of those reasons are explained above. But here is what I know: a man who claims they have "no feelings" are liars, because I sure do have feelings. In my current relationship with my girlfriend, it took me some time to open up and share my feelings. In my opinion, men will open up to their girlfriend or lover only when they feel comfortable and when they don't feel that they are pressured to do so. The comfort level is probably the key reason, because if a man has been spending a lot of time with their guy friends, and if they are saying "we don't have feelings because we are too tough or too cool for that," chances are that the men who hangs out with that crowd will take some time to open up because they always believed that they are "too tough" or "too cool" for feelings. Men do have feelings, and their communication skills are different from a woman's, but that doesn't mean that they can change. For women though, they just need to not try so hard to make a man open up to them, because a man will come around in time. That's just my two cents though.

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