Sunday, July 4, 2010

How Pornography Can Make a Man Weak (in the mind)

When I was watching and taking notes in my class, there was a slide that talked about how pornography is an example of vulnerability. This vulnerability is directed at men, especially the penis. From what I could gather, pornography is an attempt for men to escape this vulnerability, because us men are seen as something that lacks and emotions or we intend to suppress these emotions so we can be seen as more tough. But the penis of a man is a vulnerability because it is the one part of our body that is very sensitive and can make a man fall to his knees in pain (my apologies for any men who are reading this and cringing at the image of that happening, and my apologies to any women who probably did not want to know any of that). Moving on, pornography blinds men into believing that their penis is stronger than they actually seem to be, because it can make any women weak to the knees and would throw themselves to the men because of either the size of the sheer pleasure that the penis could bring. But this isn't the way the world works, and it could explain why men seem to act violent or get angry when pleasure doesn't come to them when they think that it should. Pornography is like any movie, it isn't suppose to be like what it is in real life, thus it is a movie. Men should take note that they are best to accept that their penis isn't a weapon or a powerful device that can make women flock to them. Pornography not only makes a man or a man's penis weak, but it also makes a man's belief of reality weak because they believe that what they see in a porno is what they expect it to be in real life. Moral of the story: stay away from porn movies guys, and try to accept the world as it is.

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