Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Minneapolis Pornography Ordinance

After reading the Minneapolis Pornography Ordinance, I found that religion and holding true to the Constitution contributes to the never-ending fight against pornography in America. For me, I don't think that pornography is a good thing because I tend to stay true to my religious feelings rather than follow any sort of political act. However, I do follow the amendments in the Constitution, so pornography tends to have a double-edge sword. One thing is that religion can blind a person in following political rules, in this case the First Amendment. Because of the First Amendment, pornography distribution is somewhat protected, and I don't really have a problem with it being sold or distributed through the web. I do, however, feel that porn is shameful and disturbing, especially with the use of violence in porn where the male is overpowering the female and there is, essentially, nothing the female can do about it. I saw in a discussion board post about what a woman must feel when doing porn; for example does the woman not care that she is exposing herself and throwing her body to be used in embarrassing or inappropriate ways. To porn stars, pornography is a business where it is a good way to make money; the same can be said for gentleman's clubs or any of the such. I for one feel that a woman, or any person in general, should cherish their body and their self-worth because you only live once, and you certainly won't be able to try and redo anything. With that being said, I believe that women should think long and hard before going into the pornography business, because once you become famous in that, there is no turning back.

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