Sunday, June 27, 2010

Video of End Woman's Suffrage

I watched the disturbing video from Module 6 about a man who went around a high school campus asking the women of the campus to sign a petition regarding ending woman's suffrage. As i finished watching the horrific 3 minute video, I was left shocked by the amount of women shown in the video who signed the petition. There was only one woman to my knowledge who refused to sign it, showing that at least one woman in the video at least knew something about woman's suffrage. Whether or not the other women in the video did not know woman's suffrage, or confused "suffrage" with "suffering" can be debated, but it is important to know that the man doing the video was not so much wanting to end woman's suffrage, but to show that woman's suffrage is probably not explained enough in secondary schools, as explained by my professor. Whatever the case may be, from my point of view at least, women need to know the history of their long fight for some sort of equality in a world where men are, more often than not, dominating. Although I was taught about woman's suffrage in my middle and high school, my parents lived in Seneca Falls, NY for a few years before moving to my birth town, Ithaca, NY, so I was at least exposed to some of the history of Seneca Falls through my parents. So to see the women in the video sign a petition that they probably have no idea what it is about is what shocks me the most, especially a school that is a National School of Excellence given by the U.S. Department of Education. Maybe showing that sign at the beginning of the video was to show some irony before the interviews began.

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