Saturday, June 19, 2010

What is Women's Studies?

As explained in the lecture by my professor, Women's Studies really doesn't have its own definition. For one thing, Women's Studies is the examination of women’s experiences that recognizes women’s achievements and addresses women’s status in society, as shown in the lecture. If one understands what Feminism is, then one can see some of the comparisons between Women's Studies and Feminism. However, I was surprised to see some of the myths about Feminism from my lecture. One of the myths that I found disturbing was that "all feminists are lesbians." For one thing, I don't know why men (or women) would even classify feminists as lesbians in the first place, or even place myths on feminists. For one thing, placing a myth on an individual or an organization, a nation, a race, a gender, or anything else, shows that those people who placed the myths lack the ability to want to understand one another. I was brought up to never judge others or categorize others. When I saw the myths, especially the idea that feminists are lesbians really shows that those who placed the myths don't know that men are also feminists. I always hate when people judge others, and not just when people judge feminists, but judging people in general.

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